If you’re looking for “Boat Repair Near Me” in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, you’ve found it…because we come to you.

Dallas Boat Service, LLC is a Boat Repair Shop & Mobile Marine Service which provides you with a team of Marine Technicians and a former Mega-Yacht Captain. If it floats…we can fix it.

What type of Marine Repair do you perform?

Our team of Marine Technicians brings you decades of experience working in all aspects of marine repair. When you call us, we listen to you explain your boat or yachts’ “symptoms.”

Then, we schedule your Diagnostic trip which allows us to take the information you’ve provided us and search for the ‘root cause’ of your boat or yacht’s issues.

We can generally locate the cause of your mechanical or electrical issue within one hour.

Once we’ve located the cause(s) of your boat or yachts’ issues, we provide you with a detailed diagnosis along with our professional solution of how to resolve the issue, in the form of a written estimate which details the costs of both parts & labor.

Then, you can make the decision on us repairing your boat or yachts’ issue, at that point.

Do Your Marine Mechanics Work All Over Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas?

Yes. We have a fleet of Mobile Marine trucks which our Marine Technicians use to come directly to your boat, or yacht, anywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas metroplex.

What Makes Dallas Boat Service Different Than Other Boat Mechanics?

Dallas Boat Service, LLC is a professionally-run business with a very experienced team of Marine Technicians along with a former mega-yacht Captain who began his career by crossing the Atlantic Ocean more than 20 years ago, aboard the 150′ motor-yacht made famous by the Hollywood movies “Overboard” and “Indecent Proposal.” He’s commissioned dozens of new, multi-million dollar yachts for Horizon Yachts USA and been project manager for the new construction of a 105′ custom-built motor-yacht in Taiwan, valued at $5M.

Our Marine Technicians are not your average ‘boat mechanic.”

They are Marine Technicians who have hands-on experience in this field, starting with single-cylinder, 2-stroke outboards, 25 years ago. Since then, they’ve worked on all types of boat and yacht engines, from 4, 6 and 8-cylinder gasoline engines to twin turbo, 12-cylinder diesel engines.

Our team has a tremendous amount of experience on all types of boat and yacht, mechanical & electrical systems, as well as freshwater, greywater and blackwater systems.

Where Do You Perform Your Boat Motor Repair?

It depends.

Most of our boat motor repair and service work is performed wherever your boat or yacht is currently located.

If, however, your boat’s motor requires more comprehensive repair (or even replacement), we bring it to our shop, where we have a Telescoping Gantry Crane.

How Long Does It Take For You To Fix My Boat?

How long is a dock line? 😉

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Happy Boating!